Mollusc Nano 2 Accordion Tent

Posted: March 28, 2017
$432 - $487
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Regress a few decades to your baby buggy days with Mollusc's Nano 2, a canopy-style tent that accordions open and closed to provide the shade and coverage, or panoramic views you seek while camping. While hanging at a summer show. While spending a day at the beach or lake.

The Nano 2 is Mollusc's lighter, more compact, and less expensive version of their original rollback tent, but its general aesthetic and functionality are the same--check out the GIF to see it open and shut in a second.

Nano 2 sleeps 3 as a standard tent, and Mollusc says it's been "mountain tested" for durability in harsh conditions. When closed the hemisphere gives no face to the wind so it conducts air around, rather than up against it. The aluminum tubing encircling the base of the tent can be pegged down directly to distribute wind load evenly amongst all the fixings. If you can't get pegs to penetrate the ground, you can also pitch the Nano 2 with stones weighing down the perimeter frame arc.

The Nano 2 breaks down and stuffs into an 8" x 8" x 24" sack, but Mollusc does grant that, at 19+ pounds, it's not trying to pass as an ultralight backwoods tent for a single backpacker. Maybe if you and a couple friends Corneliuses are sharing the load, but otherwise probably better suited for car camping, short hikes, or daytime use. Pledge for a Nano 2 here on Kickstarter through April 16, 2017.

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