Lugos Multifunctional Indoor/Outdoor Cordless Fan

Posted: August 08, 2022
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While the Lugos multifunctional indoor / outdoor cordless fan is mildly interesting, it is nowhere near as interesting as the tent pictured behind it in the promo photos and video. Can you see what I see printed on that canvas? Is that, is that a Camel Cigarette tent?! Ha! Camping and Camels, what a pairing!

Though I guess that's an even better reason to have a Lugos Fan on hand. Especially with its ability not only to blow away smoke for up to 15 hours continuously on a single charge, but also to act as an aroma diffuser to cover up any lingering scent left behind.

Additional Lugos qualities that give the fan its multifunctional designation include:

  • A height-adjustable stand, plus a built-in hook for placing or hanging on the floor, a table, or the ceiling.
  • A 10000mAh battery that charges in 4 hours to power the fan, plus can can be used as a reverse charger to charge external devices, such as phones and speakers.
  • An LED light circling the Lugo Fan's brim. Use it as an ambient or night light.
  • Fresh air and mosquito repellent features. Add a repellent refill to the back of the fan and point it away from you to disperse and keep bugs away.

The Lugos Fan seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarer through August 18, 2022.

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