Kelty Camp Galley Deluxe

Posted: July 30, 2022
Kelty Camp Galley Deluxe
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Kelty's Camp Galley Deluxe ensures your next cookout, car camping or road trip will equip the chefs of your group with everything but, say it with me, the kitchen sink. The soft, expandable pack is designed to clip and hang off a roof rack, tree limb, or whatever else is near your prep and cook station, so it can serve as a "camping cupboard" with utensils, kitchen tools, spices, and paper towels at the ready.

Kelty has outfitted the Camp Galley Deluxe with 3 zippered pockets for smaller items, and 2 sleeves for storage of larger ones, such as cutting boards and plates. The nylon strap paper towel holder at the bottom of the pack can also serve as a mini clothes line, holding wet dish towels and cloths, or the T-shirt you spilled a whole bowl of Cornelius' Famous Dutch Oven Hot Dog Stew on.

A deep waterproof pocket on the Camp Galley Deluxe supports empty cans and bottles, and other small trash you want to pack out like a good camper.

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