Crua Culla Maxx Temperature-Regulating Inner Tent

Posted: June 21, 2022
Crua Culla Maxx Temperature-Regulating Inner Tent
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It's what's on the inside that counts, right? The Crua Culla Maxx is a temperature-regulating inner tent that keeps you warm while camping on cold nights, or cool while camping on warm ones.

The Crua Culla Maxx provides 4-season insulation when pitched inside "any tent spacious enough to accommodate it." Despite its nesting doll design, Crue as the inner tent should take just 60 seconds to set up, thanks to a lightweight, modular design that uses pump-uppable Airframe Beams for its support structure. Crua Culla Maxx patented TT insulation blocks create and cozy interior environment that's not just regulated for temperature, but also for light and sound. The shell zips you into blackout mode while you sleep, and acts as a noise-cancelling barrier between you and the outside world.

Yeah. Have fun emerging the next morning to blinding light and a surprise family of bears you never heard taking over your campsite.

Crua Culla Maxx Tent dimensions are 6.5' wide x 6.8' long x 4' tall, with a total floor space of 43.5 square feet, and a trail weight of 15.5 pounds.

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