BioLite CampStove and Device Charger

Posted: February 06, 2012
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No gas, no juice, no problem. BioLite's petrochemical-free CampStove and USB device charger burns hot with full battery power during all seasons of backpacking, camping, and chillin' hermit-like in the woods. Using only the leaves and twigs collected along the trail, the CampStove harnesses and corrals enough energy both to boil a pot of water in about 4 minutes, and recharge a smartphone, iPod, LED flashlight, or GPS. It also significantly reduces smoke and pollution emissions, as well as many of the safety risks associated with cooking on open fires, such as getting drunk and falling into them.

An open fire produces about 5,000 watts of thermal energy, a very small percentage of which is actually available for use given the fire's relative lack of containment. And the toxic by-products it releases burn eyes and lungs, plus contribute to global warming, thus tainting s'mores preparations and Kumbaya singalongs, and drowning baby polar bears. BioLite CampStove technology has found a way to convert a fraction of fire's thermal energy into electricity, which, in a spectacularly circular fashion, powers a fan to stimulate the combustion process, and concentrate the fire's output. More heat is accessible for use, and fewer poisons are released into the night to wreak havoc like a gaggle of sorority girls who haven't eaten anything all day but a handful of Wheat Thins and four sugar-free Red Bulls. The abundant electrical harvest also leaves enough power to re-juice anything that can drink through a USB straw.

BioLite has earned extensive recognition for its clean energy approach to outdoor cooking, and also manufactures a home stove model to better the environmental and safety conditions of the 3 billion people on earth who still cook predominantly on open fires.

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