Anti-Bear-Attack Pack

Posted: March 22, 2015
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Obviously the best thing to do when a grizzly is attacking you is punch it in the face or, if you're a lady, kick it in its twig & bear-ies. But if for some reason when the moment comes you can't remember how to make a fist or lift a leg without crumbling to the ground, a good alternative is to spray it with UDAP's version of bear mace. An even better alternative: load the Bear Spray into UDAP's Back Attack Pack so you'll be covered in the event of unexpected charges from behind, plus when pinned to the ground.

Both Bear Spray and standard pepper spray use oleoresin capsicum as their primary ingredient (though personal pepper spray has a much lower concentration of the chemical, and isn't a suitable substitute) and are intended to assault the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs of their subject. UDAP's anti-bear-attack pack is essentially a secondary holster for the Bear Spray that attaches to a carrier's standard backpack, and can be used as a secondary method of defense if handheld sprays aren't accessible.

Created by a survivor of a grizzly bear attack, the Back Attack Pack includes an orange shoulder strap cover that pulls downward to expose the spray-release ball. To engage the bear spray, pull the spray-release ball at desired increments or for continuous fog. The system can be effectively employed while standing, kneeling, or on the ground.

Back Attack Packs fit all UDAP bear sprays and come in Safety Orange and Camouflage colors. They are compatible with most small to medium day packs.

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