Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder

Posted: April 02, 2018
Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder
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In addition to summer, pool bars, and the good life, the Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder reminds me of The Beach Boys. Specifically, The Beach Boys' song "Barbara Ann," which my mama used to listen to on repeat when I was a kid, and which I always thought was called "Bobber Ann." The truth didn't come out until I was 8 or 9 and I had a kid named Bob in my class. One day we got to trading insults, and I tried to zing him by calling him "Bobber Ann," thinking it was like calling a guy named Joe "Josephine," but everyone was like, "WTF is a Bobber Ann, dude?" And I was like, "The girl's name! The girl's name Bobber Ann! Hahaha, zing!"

But no one got it, and I lost the insult game, and when I went home I asked my mama if anyone else but the girl in The Beach Boys song is named Bobber Ann, and she was like, "No. Because it's Barbara Ann, dumbass."

Ahhhh, memories.

The Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder is a mini inflatable donut raft that comes in 2 sizes, small for your 12- to 18-ounce tumblers, and large for your 20- to 30-ounce big boys. The floating buddy's also have a 30" lanyard you can clip to your wrist or bathing suit so your beer doesn't take off with the current. According to the float's designer, Human Bobber, the fat koozies are designed to withstand extreme conditions and waves without relinquishing your drink, or dumping it over. When the easy, breezy drinking fun comes to a close for the day, squish out all the air from your Beverage Bobber Floating Drink Holder and store it flat.

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