The SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler

Posted: March 25, 2016
The SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler

Your wingman for summer has arrived. Well...its crowdfunding campaign has anyway. Like the Coolest Cooler before it, the SunDen hit Kickstarter this week seeking to consolidate and elevate, optimize and smartify all facets of your lazy days outdoors.

The SunDen is a 2-piece design consisting of a Universal Smart Rig and a Smart Cooler. The pieces are sold separately or together, and both are pimped out MTV-style with a glittering list of built-in accessories and fancy features. Shelter from the sun. Camera tripod for overhead selfies. Blender, bottle opener, and cutting board. LED light show. Full. On. Karaoke system. Here's a complete, bullet-pointed rundown of the SunDen Rig's and Cooler's special snowflake attributes.

The Universal Smart Rig

The Rig will attach to any type of cooler, not just SunDen's own, using an included Quick Release Connection set, or, for smaller and longer coolers, the Rig's Luggage Caddy attachment. Once in place you'll have:

  • A Heavy Duty Adjustable Telescopic Handle and Parasol Mast. Shade from the sun, protection from the rain. The mast is made of lightweight (7 pounds) powder-coated aluminum that retracts to 22" x 12" x 5". Fully extended it can reach up to 6'. The parasol is made of adjustable UV and rain resistant acrylic and spans 8' x 8'.
  • LED Speaker System. A removable waterproof Bluetooth system also rocks out to a complete LED light show to complement nighttime shenanigans on the beach. The NFC-paired speakers can also serve as a power bank, USB charging port, and phone / camera holder.
  • Camera Tripod & Selfie System. All 4 arms of the SunDen parasol can double as a selfie stick for phones or a camera tripod, extending up to 12' for landscape shots.
  • Rig Bottle Opener & Auxiliary Light
  • Modular All-Terrain Wheel System
  • Luggage Caddy Attachment & Gear Tie-Down
  • Fishing Rod Holder Attachment
  • Built-In Parasol Case

The SunDen Cooler

The SunDen Cooler is made to be "virtually indestructible" with a 2-floor polyethylene design. It has a pair of lockable, waterproof lids, heavy-duty handles, and oversized tethered drain plug. Total weight is 25 pounds, with a 60-quart capacity over dimensions of 26" long x 19" wide x 19" tall. And now the good stuff:

  • 18V High Energy Multifunctional Battery System. Fully detachable 18V High Energy Battery with built-in emergency light, 12V/100-240V charger, and 5V/12V USB ports. It can also jump start your car.
  • External Waterproof Ports. USB chargers and a 12V port are installed at the back of the cooler. They draw power from the base battery and will be able to charge electronics and car accessories, as well as integrate any standard solar panel to charge the base battery.
  • Optional Integrated Air Compressor. A 12V device also powered by the cooler's main battery that can blow up inflatable boats, beds, and beach balls, or even car tires.
  • Built-In Speaker & Subwoofer with Optional Karaoke System. Someone queue up the Journey and Sir Mix-A-Lot!
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Telescopic Handle / Parasol Mast. For use with the Rig.
  • Removable Blender & Soft Ice Cream Maker
  • LED Light & Bottle Opener SunDen Emblem
  • Divider & Cutting Board
  • Built-in First Aid Storage

The SunDen seeks funding here on Kickstarter through April 26, 2016. Pledge for the Rig and Cooler separately, together, and with our without optional add-ons for deep discounts off anticipated retail prices. Note that ship dates for all SunDen backers are not projected until November 2016. Note also that due to the nature of crowdfunding projects, that could also mean November 2017. Or possibly never.

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