Surf Sheet Sand-Free Beach Blanket

Posted: June 08, 2022
Surf Sheet Sand-Free Beach Blanket
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Uh, Surf Sheet Sand-Free Beach Blanket, or Surf Sheet Sand-Free Beach Playpen for Adults? Not that the 8" walls of this playpen are going to keep strapping dudes like me and my friend Cornelius in. But just the image of a couple or a coupla friends sunning themselves inside a ripstop nylon corral is gonna make for some good memes.

In fact, the Surf Sheet Sand-Free Beach Blanket isn't a barricade for keeping humans in, but, as its name suggests, for keeping sand out. Of your towels, your food, your electronics, your butt crack. At 54" x 86", the Surf Sheet is about the size of a Queen bed, or large enough to fit a pair of adults and their beach gear, maybe a kid or two. In addition to thwarting the infiltration of dry sand, the blanket is also water-resistant, and you can set it up in grass or dirt on picnics or at festivals too.

The Surf Sheet comes with its own stuff sack for storage, as well as 4 sandbags you can fill to use as weighted anchors on windy days. For quicker setup, use the 4 included tent stakes to hold the blanket down.

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