Shibumi Shade Wind Powered Beach Tent

Posted: July 21, 2023
Shibumi Shade Wind Powered Beach Tent
$190 - $270
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Windy days at the beach usually spell bad news for your beach tents and sunshades, but the Shibumi Shade doesn't just thrive in windy conditions, it's powered by them. An ocean breeze of as little as 3 MPH is all it takes to keep the Shibumi Shade floating and blocking out the sun overhead. And speeds of up to, well, as much as you can take before you're sick of spitting out sand and rubbing its granules out of your eyes, will only make it fly that much more. To beach winds this canopy says, Bring it on! Boo-yeah! And Shibumi!

The Shibumi Shade comes in Mini and Standard sizes, the former ideal for 1 to 2 people, and the latter sized for groups of 4 to 6. Even the larger Shibumi Shade weighs just 4 pounds, and packs into an included carry sack, along with the tent-style poles that thread through one end and secure it in the sand. The larger Shibumi Shade provides around 150 square feet of coverage, and the smaller 75 square feet. Both have UPF 50+ sun protection.

Once inserted into the Shibumi Shade, the 2 tent pole ends embed 6" into the sand, creating an arc in the front of the canopy. A fillable sandbag with a rope connecting to the top of the arc provides additional structural support.

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