Pro-Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector

Posted: April 17, 2017
Pro-Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector
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Frisbee? Volleyball? Flexing? Pssshhh! If you really want to impress the ladies on the beach this summer, find them a precious metal nugget from the ocean with Garrett's Pro Pointer AT Metal Detector. The underwater treasure hunter can be submerged up to 10' for digging around sand and rocks and the shells of thieving crabs.

The Pro Pointer has 3 user-selected sensitivity levels and a Fast Retune button for tuning out the surrounding environment, or narrowing the detection field to help find larger targets. Its bright orange color and a built-in LED flashlight help keep the detector itself visible in dark, murky, or flora-filled waters. Garrett says the Pro Pointer is perfect for metal detecting beginners, so if you were wondering if you should get one as a gift for your dad to use to dig up enough retirement money that you won't have to support him, the answer is yes.

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