Panama Banana Lounger & Soccer Goal

Posted: January 27, 2017
Panama Banana Lounger & Soccer Goal
$1,600 - $1,730
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Net a few kicks with the round one, and then recover from the exertion with the cold one in Agota Rimsaite's Panama Banana, a soccer goal that turns 90 degrees into a hammock-style rocking lounger. Throw in a side of sand and ocean, and you'll pretty much have the perfect day - life, even - all laid out.

Industrial and furniture design student Rimsaite created the Panama Banana for "active relaxation," a term I will now employ daily at work to explain my new modus operandi of typing 3 sentences, and then napping 30 minutes. I won't have room for a webbed rocker at my desk, but I think this napping hoodie could sub in nicely.

The Panama Banana mimics the shape of a surfboard or ship, further encouraging users to get themselves to the beach ASAP.

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