Doctor Who TARDIS Beach Towel

Posted: June 06, 2012
Doctor Who TARDIS Beach Towel
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The TARDIS' last launch through the Time Vortex seems to have rendered the vessel two-dimensional. And...terry cloth. But a TARDIS Beach Towel is great news for pool and beach bums in search of the summer's definitive piece of Doctor Who fan gear. Bad news, though, for the Doctor, who will probably end up sweltering on the sand in his black denim and leather jacket. The starship's toweled likeness measures 60" long x 29" wide, and is an officially licensed, 100% cotton Dr. Who product. Though seller ThinkGeek has already unloaded its first batch of TARDIS towels, they have sent the Eleventh Doctor back to early March with orders to increase the initial production run. He is expected back, and the current shortage never to have existed, by July 30, 2012.

For those who can't wait that long, Big Bad Toy Store has pre-ordering available for their own, very similar, TARDIS Beach Towel. Shipment is expected this month, and cost is $29.99.

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