Cremation Ash Fireworks Memorial

Posted: April 06, 2012

Out with a bang indeed. Angels Flight's sunset fireworks displays put the memorable in memorial service, commemorating recently-passed loved ones with spectrally brilliant explosives made from their cremated remains. Trained staff load over 200 specially modified fireworks shells with the designated ashes, which a licensed yacht then releases over the waters surrounding California's coast in a choreographed, kaleidoscopic display of fire and smoke. The beauty and power of the thunderous homage, as well as the quiet fluttering of its remnants from sky to ocean make for an uplifting and cathartic goodbye.

The Marine Package, Angels Flight's cremation ash fireworks service and sunset cruise, transports up to 6 people on a luxury yacht from Marina Del Rey to the open-water service site, where the separate fireworks yacht awaits. Family and friends are then welcome to host or formal service, or simply say a few words and toast the departed, until darkness falls, the music begins, and Grandma Jean, that firecracker through life, bids her final farewell, a firework through death.

Angels Flight handles the acquisition of cremated remains, as well as all required licenses, insurance, permits, and fees for the fireworks show. These specifics are included in the list price for the Marine Package. For additional fees, add-ons are welcome, including professional still and video photography, catering, limousine transportation to the dock, an overseeing minister or captain, and a professional sound system.

Cremated ashes alight in the night sky as fireworks. It's classy, respectful, and unforgettable, with a tinge of unsettling weirdness. Hm, sounds about how I'd like to be remembered. What about you?

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