6-Person Inflatable Speed Boat

Posted: June 12, 2019
6-Person Inflatable Speed Boat
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Yeah, dudes, I definitely think you can say you own a speed boat in your Tinder profile if you buy one of these inflatable party islands. It covers all the major speed boat bases: looks like a speed boat; holds 6 friends and a case of beer comfortably; moves. ... Slowly ... As long as the waves and current are doing their thing.

The inflatable speed boat includes a rear swim platform, built-in cooler, and 8 onboard cup holders. A recessed inflatable bench seat can hold all 6 floaters, or you can spread out between the bench and a "sun deck" up front.

You also have the option to use the inflatable speed boat on land instead of water, as poolside, deck, or patio furniture, in which case it would serve less as a floating party island, and more as an eyesore.

If a 6-person inflatable speed boat isn't quite what you had in mind for beach, lake, and pool bobbing this year, check out my list of the best pool floats for Summer 2019.

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