Aquor House Hydrant

Posted: March 28, 2017
Aquor House Hydrant
$74 - $79.96
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It's a scorching summer day. You're lounging on the patio. Jamming to some tunes. Sipping a cold brew. Gazing at the lawn. But something's missing. What's missing?

Hose, hose, hose.

And a water outlet pimped out with an Aquor House Hydrant. Because the grass meeting your gaze is brown, and the marigolds are bent over dying.

Aquor's House Hydrant overhauls the water spigot with its flush-mounted outdoor faucet system. The hydrant allows users to instantly plug into--and out of--the faucet with a hose connector attachment, eliminating scraping knuckles and struggling with heavy hoses and worn threads on old brass spigots. Better, plugging into the House Hydrant automatically activates your water flow, and unplugging automatically shuts it off. The system then self-drains, so down to temperatures of minus 30 degrees F, Aquor says you'll won't have to winterize it.

House Hydrants consist of a stainless steel faceplate, hydrant stem, and rear valve, and weather-resistant polymer cover and hose connector in blue or gray. You can choose between standard 1/2" or 3/4" hose connections, and 5 different stem lengths to match your wall depth.

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