AquaRest Premium 300 2-Person Plug & Play Spa

Posted: April 10, 2023
AquaRest Premium 300 2-Person Plug & Play Spa
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AquaRest. Can you think of a better name for a hot tub company? These cats make big vats that heat and bubble water - Aqua - to provide total serenity and relaxation - Rest. It's beautiful. I might have called the model something other than Premium 300, but hey. Maybe they used up all their creativity developing the master brand. And the plug & play spa descriptor redeems it a little since "plug & play" is fun to say, plus indicates that installation will be easy, and what follows installation will be sexy time in a hot tub.

AquaRest has fitted the Premium 300 Spa with 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, which you can enjoy from a pair of sunken bucket loungers with lumbar arch support. To enhance ambience, and ensure you can see the hot tub's bubbles a-bubblin', flip on the multi-color LED backlit cascading waterfall, and choose from 9 light settings.

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