Alpine Tabletop Outdoor Heater

Posted: July 31, 2021
Alpine Tabletop Outdoor Heater
$199 - $379
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I know. No one who's in...pretty much the whole world wants to think about an outdoor heater, or adding heat to anything right now. And even though the Alpine Tabletop Heater is a mini version of the standard patio fixture, even a little extra warmth is too much to reconcile. It's like buying winter clothes at the end of the season - they may be dirt cheap, but you just want to be done with that shit for a while.

But maybe bookmark this page to revisit in October, when you still want to hang in the backyard, but the nights are starting to swing from balmy to nippy. Or January, when it's not really pleasant to have your morning coffee outside, but a tabletop heater will make it manageable when you've gotta get out of the cacophony of children getting ready for school and dogs fighting over their kibble.

The Alpine Tabletop Heater is a propane-powered unit able to emit 10,000 BTUs over a 3-foot area. It stands 35" tall and has a 21" diameter. A weighted base brings its total poundage to 19.

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