The UFO Cabin

Posted: January 14, 2016
The UFO Cabin
$580 - $680
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You've got 10 days to get to Sweden if you want to watch The X-Files 2016 premiere in this UFO Cabin. You might want to bring a flatscreen and a satellite too, since this Treehotel accommodation is all about disconnecting from connected life, and refocusing your energies on chilling out with the surrounding forest. And maybe a little green man or two.

The UFO Cabin is one of 6 suspended getaways on the Treehotel property. Each has its own unique theme, architecture, and living experience inside, but all share the same sense of immersion in unspoiled nature. It's located along the Lule River in Harads, a 600-person village in northeastern Sweden. Treehotel added the UFO Cabin to its collection in 2010, courtesy of architect Inredningsgruppen Bertil Harstrom (say that 3 times fast. Or just once, correctly). Designed for a family of up to 5 people, the room has one double bed for adults and 3 single beds for the kiddos. It also has a bathroom and living area. All jammed into about 320 square feet of space, which Treehotel says "is all you need for a comfortable escape to childhood dreams."

All cabins on the Treehotel property hang 13 to 20 feet above the ground, with access via a ramp, bridge, or electric stairs.

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