The Dune House

Posted: July 27, 2015
The Dune House
$3,700 - $5,650
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At the end of the movie Snatch a busted up Dennis Farina is at the airport flying from Britain back home to America. One of the customs ladies asks him, "Anything to declare?" He says, "Yeah. Don't go to England." I've always felt similarly about that place. Cloudy, damp, bad exchange rate, full of people I can't understand. But one look at this place, The Dune House, and I'm considering reconsidering.

The Dune House is in Suffolk, England, just south of a village called Thorpeness. You can walk right onto the beach from its living room, and into the North Sea if you keep going. The entire bottom floor is made of windows. The entire top floor is made of roof, a tinted orange steel alloy. With even more window cutouts, these seemingly thrown against it at random. In the dark it glows like a pair of floating devil's mountains with the light of angels bursting through from the inside. Puh. And my girlfriend says I'm devoid of poetry. The design, developed as a rental for Living Architecture, comes from Norwegian firm Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architects.

The Dune House sleeps 9, with each of its 4 foo peaks housing a bedroom and a bathroom. And the upper windows aren't distributed so haphazardly after all. Instead they have been "carefully positioned to catch intriguing views of the land and sea scape all around." All bedrooms are lined in timber and bathrooms include full soaking tubs for taking in the beauty of the ocean from slightly warmer waters.

The ground floor's living area opens into a terrace and kitchen, both set into the dunes for both wind protection and uninterrupted 360-degree views. Ground floor corners have sliding doors that open to further enhance the dark metal roof's floating effect.

Quoted prices are based on weekly rental fees.

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