The Chateau de Vigny

Posted: February 22, 2015
The Château de Vigny
$5.7 million
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You know, I've been thinking it's getting to be about time I move out of my mama's house.


My mama's been thinking--and vocalizing repeatedly--it's getting to be about time I move out of my mama's house.

So how's about helping me out with a down payment on The Chateau de Vigny, Mama? It was built in 1504 and is still standing, so you know it's made of some good quality, like, stone and iron and shit, and it's located about 25 miles from Paris. Paris, France, not Paris, Texas, so once I leave you can pretty much rest assured I'll never be able to find my way back.

And I think a 38,000 square foot piece of medieval history covering 45 acres of land is a pretty good starter house, don't you? I'll have to do something about those girly drapes around the master bed and all, but I'm digging the exposed beam ceilings. Plus: Check. Out. The fireplaces. Ladies. Marble attendants guarding the flames in the dining room? Gilles, clear this 500-square-foot table and shut the doors. I think we're good to go in here tonight...just leave behind a coupla those lamb legs and the creme brulee.

The Chateau de Vigny or, as they say in France, Le Chateau de Vigny includes a full estate, with renovated outbuildings housing a professional kitchen, a pair of true pastry and bakery "laboratories", and a greenhouse. It also sits on a moat. It actually sits on a moat. I'd say this is a real swell find for all those families of 4 to 100 out there in the market for a mother F'ing castle.

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