The Bunkie Prefabricated Retreat

Posted: March 16, 2013
The Bunkie Prefabricated Retreat

Industrial design firm 608 Design and architectural design firm BLDG Workshop teamed up to build the Bunkie, a portable, eco-friendly, prefabricated retreat structured such that the Big Bad Wolf will pop many a cranial blood vessel, and maybe even induce an aneurysm as he tries in vain to blow it down. Bears, though, I'd watch out for those crafty SOBs. My friend Victor just told me a story about some guys who went camping far away in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and their campsite got descended upon by a black bear and they tried to scare it away by waving a flaming stick in its face, which worked the first 4 or 5 times, but then the bear was like, "That's about enough of this shit," and whacked the fiery branch to the ground before chasing them into a lake, where they waited freezing their asses off for a couple hours while the bear went back and ate every speck of food and beer they had, and then systematically destroyed their tent and all of their camping gear. They had an 8-mile hike back to their car the next day without so much as a functional zipper or an ounce of water. Whaddaya think of that, Bunkie? Can your CNC-router-made frame and glass facade withstand the forces of ursine-infested nature?

Still in the production stages leading up to public offering, the Bunkie hopes to maintain the simplicity and low carbon footprint of a no-frills outdoor shelter, without sacrificing the beauty of an architecturally-calibrated home. With three operating modes, open, play, and sleep, Bunkie's plywood and reclaimed barn wood interior can accommodate daytime installations, such as a dining table or loungers, as well as bedtime requirements in the form of its 2, queen-sized murphy beds built into its main wall.

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