Mirror Houses

Posted: August 05, 2015
Mirror Houses
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Mirror Houses might be the perfect vacation rental for you and the Wicked Queen...or, uh, your girlfriend.... Set amidst the rolling green hills and dramatic mountain backdrop of South Tyrol, this pair of architectural darlings looks both strangely misplaced and strangely at one with its surrounding landscape. Almost like a reflection of it....

The Mirror Houses were designed by Italian contemporary architect Peter Pichler, presumably to give travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature without sacrificing the full kitchen, king bed, and steam shower. And I don't say that to be cynical. I like remote vineyards and apple trees. I also like dishwashers and wireless Internet service. It's my vacation, why can't I have it all?

Mirror Houses orient to the east, each with a private garden and separate guest access/parking. Their Northern Italy location is along the Dolomites mountain range, just outside the city of Bolzano. In addition to stunning hiking, skiing, and climbing opportunities, the region is famous for its food (duh) and wine (duh). Several companies offer guided tours through the mountains, which have been crowned a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dolomite Treks packages range from a single day hike to multi-day adventures with overnight stops in hotels along the way.

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