Lucy in the Sky Micro Hotels

Posted: August 26, 2015
Lucy in the Sky Micro Hotels
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Lucy in the Sky is a collection of 3 highly stylized cherries on top of existing industrial installations in the harbor district of the Netherlands' Deventer. The standout pieces of architecture have been serving as "micro hotels", individual holiday rooms rented out at fairly reasonable nightly rates, since their completion in 2014.

Lucy in the Sky was conceived as a collection of urban retreats with designs dependent on their attachment to buildings or structures already in place. Two-person teams of an architect and a visual artist collaborated to make each of the trio of hotel rooms. LucyPWR, featured in the photo above, is the work of Maurer Architects and Boris Tellegen. It sits on top of a long rectangular warehouse-type building. Lucy Cube, using an old waterside grain hopper as is pedestal, represents the vision of MuldersvandenBerk Srchitects and Rob Sweere. And Lucy GLXY, designed by Studio Groen and Schild and Spacecowboys, hovers over the main entrance of Deventer's Havenkwartier.

Each Lucy in the Sky diamond provides complete privacy and unique harbor and street views to its residents. They are decked out with royal Auping beds, as well as original textile art comforters designed by artist Annemiek Pruijt. All have bathrooms and efficiency kitchens.

Deventer itself is a Dutch medieval town in the eastern portion of the Netherlands. It is hotspot for young creatives, from visual artists to musicians, and hosts several festivals throughout the year. With the young energy moving in and building their own houses, the town is experiencing a surging restaurant scene and, strangely, showrooms for classic Italian cars. Amsterdam and Berlin access from Deventer are via the nearby A1 motorway.

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