Le Koroc Tiny House Boat

Posted: July 12, 2018
Le Koroc Tiny House Boat
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When the tiny home fad caught up with Quebec-based boat builders Daigno, I'll bet it didn't take them too long to conclude that the only thing more adorable and romantically minimalist than a tiny house is a tiny house that floats. Le Koroc was born.

The Le Koroc tiny house boat is exactly how it sounds: a tiny house built on a boat. More specifically, it's a single-structure piece of construction, assembled with laminated white cedar beams and ultralight plywood, set atop three 50 / 52H32 marine grade aluminum / magnesium alloy tubes with 4' sealed chambers. When asked how it feels about this new, water-based arrangement, the house said, "I'm on a boat motherf**ker!"

Le Koroc's cabin / tiny house measures 13'1" long x 8'6" wide. It opens up to a 10'11" x 8'4" deck made of marine quality plywood overlaid with a vinyl membrane. Inside, non-claustrophobic dwellers can choose between Fishing Series and Holiday Series living layouts. All Koroc tiny house boats come standard with the following (partial list):

  • 90 HP outboard motor with 25" long shaft
  • 192 liter gas tank
  • 265W solar panel
  • Suburban 6-gallon water heater
  • Nova Kool 4.5 cu. ft. 12 V refrigerator
  • 2-burner Suburban propane stove
  • 30 lb horizontal propane tank
  • 56 liter fresh water tank
  • Stainless steel washbasin and kitchen faucet
  • White cedar module and kitchen cabinets
  • 2 benches with storage
  • 24" bistro table
  • 32" x 48" solid wood table with 12" extension
  • Full bathroom with sink, shower and toilet

Additional modifications and upgrades to the Le Koroc tiny house boat are also available a la carte.

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