Do It Yurtself - Online Guide to Building a Modern Yurt

Posted: September 24, 2019
Do It Yurtself - Online Guide to Building a Modern Yurt

If I did as Do It Yurtself instructed and built myself a modern yurt like the one Zach Both did for him and his girlfriend, Nicole, it wouldn't just be a fun (and unbelievable to anyone who knows me) accomplishment, it leave me with the nicest place I've ever been able to live in. Look at the photos of this yurterrific masterpiece! It's the swankiest, most tasteful tiny home / glamping tent / cabin porn I've ever seen.

And it cost Zach and Nicole only $65,000, including all building materials, furniture, and appliances. Have you seen this, HGTV? Time to get off yurt asses and make Do It Yurtself the next Fixer Upper.

Both is a filmmaker, and former designer and art director. His Do It Yurtself online guide to building a modern yurt indicates he's pretty damn good at all of those things. The information contained in Do It Yurtself is free for the taking, with tons of links to instructions, contractors / builders, and materials. Yurt construction is broken into 9 parts, with an introduction to the background, design, parts, and costs of yurts to kick off the process. Both describes Do It Yurtself as "not a blog. Think of it more as...an opinionated right-hand man who provides insight to those interested in building a yurt and embracing an alternative lifestyle.

What do you think, want to build a modern yurt? Come on, then. Yurt up.

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