Cocoon Tree

Posted: July 30, 2015
Cocoon Tree
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Cocoon Trees could be tents. Or they could just be hangouts. Time outs. Nap outs. Whatever, and wherever they are the spherical structures will definitely stand out.

Cocoon Tree frames are made of lightweight aluminum that is then covered in a sturdy waterproof tarpaulin. Suspended they are rigged with ropes and secured by nets. Total weight is pretty low at around 130 pounds, so I guess the chances that a Cocoon Tree will plummet to the earth with you in it are pretty low too.

In addition to suspending your cocoon in a tree, you can also install it on the ground with its set of adaptable feet. Or keep the adventure going by setting it on a floating platform, or fixing it on a post driven into the bottom of a lake.

Cocoon Trees are made to order according buyer input on size and top/bottom tarp colors. As evidenced by the photos, they are strong and stable enough to accommodate a dining table or a giant round bed with Beetlejuice pillows and a model pretending to sleep sexily.

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