Steampunk Tensegrity Optical Illusion Table

Posted: May 05, 2021
Steampunk Tensegrity Optical Illusion Table
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I've seen a lot of tensegrity tables popping up - and staying up thanks to the wonders of suspension and tension - in online marketplaces lately. Are these displays of fine design and finer physics taking over for levitating objects as the latest home decor trend for geeks and fans of optical illusions?

Oh boy, I sure hope so! As both a geek and a fan of optical illusions, I am 100% ready for the next home decor trend geared towards me!

This tensegrity table from Retro Rocketeers Co. is a 3D-printed PLA Bio-Plastic model. In addition to the inherent interest of its build, creator and visual artist Anthony Yap has embellished his tensegrity table with steampunk accents. The 3D print produces industrial-style beads and etchings, which Yap then hand finishes and hand paints to complete the look. Check out this more standard-styled tensegrity table to see the difference.

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