Shift Self-Bending Paperclip

Posted: January 15, 2014
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You know who loves magic tricks? Kids. You know who else loves magic tricks? Hopefully all the women I invite home for a night of fine 7-layer dip and shots of Sauza Silver after I show them my magic trick.

The Shift Self-Bending Paperclip, could be the one illusion both thrilling enough to impress my chosen ladies' libidos and simple enough for an anti-dexterous hack like myself to execute. In other words, all contorting edges of this paperclip point to I'm gonna score.

As the video suggests, this Shift model begins as a gnarled and uninteresting piece of wire. That's when you as controller of nature's elements take it between two fingers, hold it up for spectators to see, and focus. Concentrate. Will the wire to bend with your mind. Next, freak everyone out, including maybe yourself a little the first few times, as it responds to your silent commands and the outline of a paperclip slowly begins to appear.

Now transfer the wire to someone else's (i.e., prospective bedfellow's) hand and continue your psychokinetic-Magneto-abracadabra-ing. Moments later, what began as a nondescript metal rod will wrap up its performance as a perfectly formed paperclip.

Ellusionist, the World Wide Web's resident masters of magic and intrigue, teamed up with magician Taiwan Ben to develop the Self-Bending Paperclip. It is the smallest item in their Shift line of mind bendable and mind bending everyday objects. At printing, Ellusionist's list price included two Self-Bending Paperclips, plus instructions for use and maximal effect.

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