Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree

Posted: December 02, 2018
Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree
$299 - $529
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And you thought skewering your Christmas tree to the stand was hard before. Treetopia's terrific optical illusion, the 7' Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree, gives everyone out there looking to stand out - or, as it were, stand upside down - this Christmas the chance to go all in with the centerpiece of their holiday decor.

I mean, I get going quirky and mixing things up, but putting your trunk where your angel is? That takes commitment well beyond, say, the Sexy Chest Christmas Sweatshirt. What are the kids going think? What are the in-laws going to say?

Hmmm, maybe the in-laws will say it's too weird to be around for a whole week, and they'll just stay in a hotel....

The Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree is made of PVC needles and comes fitted with hand-strung clear lights. Treetopia mentions it comes with a "premium green tree stand" but gives no indication of how it mounts or stays stable and balanced once in place. Hopefully that part isn't just part of the illusion too.

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