InstaSaber AR Lightsaber App

Posted: December 14, 2017
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Recent grads can finally put that rolled-up diploma to good use with the InstaSaber. And everyone else: grab a sheet of copy paper or unopened pack of chopsticks, and prepare for virtual battle with all offending lamps, plants, and cats in your home. All you need to triumph is The Force.

Plus an iPhone, and Hart Woolery's forthcoming InstaSaber app.

Woolery, a developer who founded computer vision company 2020CV, is bringing InstaSaber to the iOS app store any week now. It's an augmented reality app that pairs with any handheld white tube to project a Star Wars-worthy lightsaber, and you wielding it, on your phone screen. Yeah, you can only see your laser sword on the screen, and yeah, you'll have to hold your device steady in front of the tube the whole time you're playing Vader, but come on. InstaSaber. For no more than the cost of a sheet of paper (or some Kung Pao chicken) and the app, which is going to be...free!

When he releases InstaSaber, Woolery says initial download will be free. You'll then have the option of purchasing lightsaber color changes or extended clip recordings within the app. Saber-wagging recordings, by the way, will save as fully rendered video with sound effects. Down the line, Woolery also expects to add more tools and interactive features to the app.

If you want InstaNotification when InstaSaber becomes available, head over to the app's website to sign up.

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