D'Lite Magic Light Trick

Posted: September 23, 2017
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You won't mind being all thumbs with a pair of D'Lite Magic Lights on them. Sure, they're an old standard in any magician's bag of tricks, but I bet they'll still wow a room full of today's youth, a generation of gamers and texters. Those kids worship thumbs!

And, on a more philosophical level, I think D'Lite Magic Lights are also representative of how much of today's youth doesn't do a whole lot besides sit around with their thumbs up their asses, assuming the lightbulb (a glowing red one in this case) will go off eventually, and they'll just pull it out and know how to be a self-sufficient adult.

Haha, just kidding, today's youth!

How did this discussion of light magic get so dark? Let me go back on script.

The magical D'Lite set includes 2 thumb lights that, when mastered, allow their wearer to pluck a mass of glowing red out of thin air. And then pass it back and forth between hands. Make it disappear in an ear or nostril.

You can also manipulate the trick to make a ice cube or napkin glow, or drop a light in a cup and have it illuminate at your command.

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