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Posted: December 24, 2016
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GraphicAudio is like the Phantom of the Opera. There. Inside your mind. But with all the organ music and whiny love songs replaced with a real cinematic soundscape of effects and musical score that will transport you from your bedroom / the bus to work to post-apocalyptic Chicago, the Whirlpool Galaxy, or a parallel universe. Depending on what type of GraphicAudio movie in your mind you've downloaded.

On the surface, yes, GraphicAudio is audiobook entertainment, available as MP3, M4B, or FLAC downloads (or standard mail-order CDs). But the collection of books on offer burrows well below the surface of your standard out-loud reads. Each book recruits a full cast of actors, and complements their skills with the underlying soundscape. Together they trace the story and enhance the action into a comprehensive spectacle of the imagination that, GraphicAudio believes, will make you forget your eyes have been removed from the equation.

For a better understanding and sound clips of GraphicAudio, check out the above video.

GraphicAudio provides samples of all audiobooks on their site. They range in length from 1 to 15 minutes. Most lean towards the geek, gamer, and Comic-Con crowd, with genres including Action Adventure, Comics, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, and Science Fiction. An example, from Brenton J. Cox is the Atrum Terra Trilogy, a series that follows "two people from different sides of the nation that struggle to survive after a devastating attack breaks the back of the United States. It is a journey in which the whole world is sent spiraling towards a dark future where humans are an endangered species."

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