Who Sh.. Their Pants? Diarrhea Scented Fragrance Oil

Posted: September 03, 2020
Who Sh.. Their Pants? Diarrhea Scented Fragrance Oil
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Who Sh.. Their Pants? isn't just diarrhea scented fragrance oil, it's highly concentrated diarrhea scented fragrance oil. So, like, one spritz of the prank spray should be enough to get your not-at-school kids the H-E-double-turds out of your face long enough for you to present at your all hands Zoom conference.

And if one of the anonymous questions you get at the end is, "Why did you have stank face the throughout your entire talk?" just tell them...shit. Just tell them the truth. It will provide a rare moment of corporate comic relief, plus share the gold (brown) with everyone else looking for a way to clear a room for some privacy in their own home.

According to Who Sh.. Their Pants?, Who Sh.. Their Pants? spray administers "not so much a fart or rotten egg smell but more of a loose, watery stool kind of smell." In addition to smelly pranks, the makers recommend using it to prepare budding medical professionals and caregivers for what will likely become a regular odor in their life with patients, and as a training tool for new relationships, helping partners get comfortable with their inevitable future of farting and crapping in each other's presence.

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