One Hour of Farting CD

Posted: July 16, 2019
One Hour of Farting CD
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This One Hour of Farting CD has just validated two major decisions I recently made in my life: 1) Not to upgrade my laptop; 2) Not to upgrade my car. Because that means I still have 2 fully functional CD players primed and ready to let 'er rip for 60 minutes straight no matter what coffee shop I'm working at, no matter what web browsing I'm doing in bed, and no matter what mother-in-law I have to pick up at the airport.

According to the assholes behind the One Hour of Farting CD, this isn't just a random collection of sound effects, it's "one hour of the best butt-busting ever recorded." Guess they don't mind tooting their own horns.

It's not a continuous 60-minute fart like you may have thought (or hoped), but One Hour of Farting may be even better, with recordings of hundreds of different fart sounds. Choice gaseous explosions include:

  • Large Farts
  • Stinky Wet Farts
  • Air Biscuits
  • Barking Spiders
  • Butt Yodeling Cheese Cutters
  • Cornhole Honkers
  • Old Fashioned Ass Flappers
  • Brown Thunderclaps
  • Two Timin' Taint Ticklers

Dude. Too bad they haven't figured out how to make the internet scratch 'n' sniff yet.

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