The LEGO Maxifigure - Life-Size LEGO Minifigure

Posted: April 01, 2022
The LEGO Maxifigure - Life-Size LEGO Minifigure

I'm not even going to pretend like a 5'6" LEGO minifigure - sorry, LEGO Maxifigure - isn't an April Fool's joke. Especially since, while the idea for the gag is a good one, LEGO couldn't put more than a modicum of effort into executing it.

A cheesy Twitter video with a giant minifig Photoshopped in? A giant minifig that was obviously Photoshopped, and Photoshopped poorly, no less. How hard would it have been to make a real one, and just keep it in the office as the best mascot ever after the joke plays out? Or at least create a better superimposed fake for the video. I mean, I'm the worst Photoshop hack ever, and I feel like I could have layered the Maxifigure into LEGO's lame gotcha! video.

And speaking of LEGO vidoe lameness, it was pretty lame in content too. The Maxifigure is a great personal trainer? Companion for outer space? Huh? Dating wingman or kids' babysitter would have been better than those. Or how about United States Senator? New leader of Russia?

Should have had the fans do your Maxifigure idea's grunt work, LEGO, just like you do with all of your best building brick sets.

Question to ponder: if a LEGO Maxifigure steps on a LEGO brick, will it: A) Hurt like a mofo just like it does everyone else; B) crush beneath his behemoth tower of plastic; or C) snap on and become part of his body?

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