The Harambed

Posted: April 01, 2017

It's called The Harambed. Lucid Mattress says it's the bed of your memes. And I know if you've been meming at all over the past year, you've been meming about Harambe, haven't you? Well put on your PJs and snuggle in, because the lush and enveloping Harambed is here to cuddle and protect you the way a good mother should. It will never let you out of its sight. Never let you fall, or climb over its edge. Never put you in danger.

And if it does...grab that shotgun you have stashed underneath its frame.

The Harambed is made from 100% authentic faux fur over 10" of twin, queen, or king memory foam, and a pair of life-size arms. A matching pillow and sleep mask are also included.

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