Lunar Genuine Moon Rock Watch

Posted: April 01, 2016
Lunar Genuine Moon Rock Watch
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Analog Watch Co.'s new Lunar Watch might be kinda pricey, but how many timepieces can say that they're made of a solid piece of genuine moon rock estimated to be older than: the human construct of time; humans themselves; and even the first flicker of life on earth? $27,500 for 4.5 billion years of history condensed into a 25-piece edition of precision-cut olivine basalt stone cases and handcrafted custom Swiss mechanical movements? It's...still an astronomical expense. But we're talking about space exploration here, so maybe that's what Analog was going for.

Or maybe their Lunar Watch cohorts, the Russian Federal Space Agency, just wouldn't partner cheap. The moon rock Analog obtained for the watches was collected by the Soviet Luna probe in 1974. Each piece will include a Certificate of Authenticity from the RFSA, plus a data sheet delineating the exact mineral deposits in the watch.

Lunar Watch cases measure 41mm in diameter, and come with a 20mm black leather strap.

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