Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System

Posted: April 01, 2018
Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System
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I'm not sure how it's taken this long to add a Dinosaur Detection System to the home safety product sphere, but muchas danke to ThinkGeek for realizing how dangerous and prehistoric its absence was. Their model is modeled around the Jurassic World film series to add some trademark TG fun and whimsy to an otherwise invaluable tool for escaping a T-Rex attack.

The Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System includes a detection medium container and threat level reader; you'll need to add the medium itself. I suggest water or, to add an extra layer of protection, unicorn pee, which studies show is a natural dinosaur repellent.

Once online, the dino warner fires up with 4 levels of detection:

  • Ripple Level 1: Area secure
  • Ripple Level 2: Possible dinosaur
  • Ripple Level 3: Dinosaur approaching!
  • Ripple Level 4: Run! Attack imminent!

Thankfully, ThinkGeek has also figured out a way to connect the Jurassic World Dinosaur Detection System to IFTTT devices, so you can receive alerts while you're sleeping or not in direct line of sight of the liquid disruption vessel.

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