Jeep Adventure Tires

Posted: April 01, 2016
Jeep Adventure Tires

If you thought nothing could beat off-roading on the weekends, imagine this: off-roading on-road during your weekly commutes and leisurely drives around the 'burbs. Jeep Germany's new Adventure Tires, on sale starting April 2, are the first tires ever to integrate actual terrain into their construction, and bring the open, rocky roads you love to drive to the crowded, boring ones your job, your errands, and your kids' soccer schedules force you to.

Adventure Tires are modeled after natural rock formations, which Jeep engineers have analyzed and incorporated into their designs using the latest in rubber technology. Available in all standard Jeep tire dimensions, these off-road simulators guarantee you will experience every bump, rock, and jostle of the mountains and backwoods even going 70 on cruise control down an interstate through Kansas. During use, Adventure Tires even sound like you're on an adventure.

Jeep Germany has yet to announce pricing for the tires, and it is unclear whether or not they will accept international orders in conjunction with their official launch tomorrow. Those interested in owning a set can do their own investigation, and watch the countdown to Adventure tick, on the Jeep Germany website.

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