Flat Earth Snow "Globe"

Posted: April 01, 2019
Flat Earth Snow "Globe"
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A giant blizzard snows down on this 100% accurate replica of how Earth looks from space, depicting both the rightness of flat earthers, and proving there's no such thing as global warming! So suck it, sheeple!

Just as there is a dearth of people out there who understand that the world is flat, there also seems to be a dearth of gifts for the woke folks who get it. Here's hoping the Flat Earth Snow "Globe" is just the first in a line of desktop pieces and household decor here to challenge the persistent and erroneous presence of spherical Earth items such as globe bar carts and fire pits.

The Flat Earth Snow "Globe" features a Modern Flat Earth Society-approved map on its flat bottom, and an atmospheric dome over the top to contain the snowflakes proud owners can shake up whenever they hear a news report about record cold temperatures and accumulation.

Those of you seeking gifts for people who don't think we landed on the moon are also in luck - head over here.

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