Welaxy Drawer Organizer Trays

Posted: October 10, 2020
Welaxy Office Drawer Organizer Trays
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Desk a cluttered mess? Junk drawer overflowing? Workshop look like a tsunami victim? Craft room - oh Baby Jesus, the craft room.... Just take a deep breath, and Welaxy.

Welaxy Drawer Organizer Trays are 8-piece sets of recycled PET felt bins that look as pleasing to the eye empty as they will be filled neat and orderly with your chaos of office supplies, random housewares, and hobby bits. The trays have a modern design and come in a handful of color combinations. Each set includes multiple round and rectangular shapes, all with an inviting fuzzy texture. Arrange them on your desktop in patterns pleasing to you, or Tetris the organizer trays into a drawer for tidy storage that remains out of sight.

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