Trunk Crate Pro Collapsible Trunk Organizer

Posted: November 11, 2017
Trunk Crate Pro Collapsible Trunk Organizer
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The Trunk Crate Pro may not be a dazzler packed with smart home-compatible features, but if you're looking for a practical gift for Mom or Dad, one that won't break or become outdated in a year, or require you to spend the first 4 weekends of 2018 teaching them how to use, a collapsible car organizer isn't the worst thing you could put a bow on. It even folds down to a compact 14.6" x 12.25" x 1.5" rectangle, with no odd protrusions or slopes, so wrapping won't be a giant pain the Scotch tape either.

Trunk Crate Pro organizers expand to 23.5" x 15" x 12", with up to 4 storage compartments, all customizable via 2 removable sub-dividers. Eleven pockets encircle the Trunk Crate Prop perimeter, including 2 that are large and expandable pockets, 8 made of fabric, and 1 mesh. Side walls and the center divider are rigid and sturdy so the carrier will hold its shape when open and empty, as is the base to facilitate moving and carrying a full Trunk Crate.

When set up in a car, truck, or SUV, the Trunk Crate Pro's non-skid Velcro prevents it from sliding around during travel; running a bungee or strap through its heavy-duty eye hole can do the same for trunks without a fabric lining.

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