The Couch Console

Posted: December 26, 2020
The Couch Console
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We're already working, grocery shopping, and ordering piles of sweatpants and 3-course dinners without leaving home. The Couch Console proposes taking things a step further: do it all without leaving your couch. Containing a self-balancing cup holder, snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote control tray, and storage pocket, the Couch Console is like a bento box not just for your lunch, but your whole day.

The organizer's standout feature is probably its self-balancing cup holder, a slot for coffee, sodie, or beer that sits on a gyroscope that keeps it sitting upright even as your couch cushions shift and bump under your bodyweight. If you prefer, you can also lock the system.

You can lay out the modular Couch Console's trays in whatever configuration suits you, as well as buy modules (e.g., two cup modules) to accommodate how you use it. The standard Couch Console, available here on Kickstarter through February 6, 2021, includes a cup holder, snack up, organizer, and spacer for custom compartmentation.

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