The All-in Wonder Mount

Posted: March 01, 2021
The All-in Wonder Mount
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The All-in Wonder Mount by Mount Genie is a space-saving, decluttering nylon and Velcro strap that...I'm sorry, but heh-heh, heh-heh, they said, All-in Wonder Mount, Beavis. And Mount Genie. Heh-heh, heh-heh. I'll have to ask my wife later if she wants an All-in Wonder Mount wish granted from the Mount Genie that is this guy.

So anyway, what is this product? Do I even care now that I have its hump-diddly-umptious innuendo to play with in my head all day?

Alright, alright, the All-in Wonder Mount is a commercial-grade mobile bracketing system, made largely for the electronics used by contractors and military personnel, but also happy to serve anyone who wants to temporarily mount, or rotate items they have mounted, in a specific spot on the wall. The hanging tool consists of a nylon "T-bracket" and drywall anchors, and 2 pairs of Velcro straps; it needs only a Phillips head screwdriver to install.

Once in place the All-in Wonder Mount can hold items weighing up to 50 pounds when it's anchored in just drywall, and 100 pounds in stud anchoring. Use the straps to hold gaming consoles, routers, modems, speakers and soundbars, media players, and other electronics. Including oddly-shaped ones, since Mount Genie's Velcro straps inherently form to any item they hold.

For hospitals and locations with sensitive equipment, the All-in Wonder Mount is made specifically with no metal to prevent radio interference. The Velcro straps also make it easy to mount and remove items quickly. Two strap sizes are included with All-in Wonder Mount purchases - small for items with 10" to 18" circumferences, and large to fit 18" to 31" mountables.

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