Sunglasses Organizer Case

Posted: July 07, 2021
Sunglasses Organizer Case
$29.99 - $36.99
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There are two things I like most about this sunglasses organizer case. One, you can store it open, hanging from a closet rod or hook, so all sunglasses are on display and easily accessible. Or, two, you can roll it up into a geometric hard case that protects the sunglasses, and makes it easier for you to travel with the many different pairs you own. You eyewear fashion icon. You paparazzi-dodging celebrity. You hungover mess.

Other features of the sunglasses organizer case, which I don't dislike, but they're just not my two favorite, include: a vegan PU leather outer and soft, suede-like interior that's gentle on lenses; soft velcro closures to secure individual pairs of sunglasses, and strong snaps to hold the entire case closed; and a choice of a 5-slot sunglasses case that closes into a pentagon, or a 3-slot sunglasses case that becomes a triangle when shut.

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