SnapSafe Under Bed & Trunk Safe

Posted: February 07, 2020
SnapSafe Under Bed & Trunk Safe
$357.11 - $375.49
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Guess what my favorite part about this line from SnapSafe is: "With SnapSafe Specialty Safes, your valuable belongings will be out of the sight of ne'er-do-wells, and you'll have peace of mind, knowing that they're not only hidden but also secure."

If you guessed the hyphenated wonder (with a side of apostrophe) that is "ne'er-do-wells," you are correct, sir!

Ne'er-do-wells! It's not a completely foreign term to me, but I don't think I've ever, ever, seen it put to use, even ironically, except maybe when I had to read Dickens in high school. As in, "The eyes of society gazed upon Pip as nothing more than a ne'er-do-well."

But here, from SnapSafe, used in polite reference to the GD SOB who would try to steal your cash, jewelry, guns, Playboy collection - how jolting and...adorable. I think ne'er-do-well is going to be my #1 new insult and expression of anger. Bad drivers, phone solicitors, unattended children flailing in my path, fat cats named Willard, you ne'er-do-wells better watch out!

So about the SnapSafe. It's a slim and strong 14 gauge heavy-duty steel storage option for under your bed or in the trunk of your car. Pre-drilled holes allow for permanent installation on a floor, or for a less intrusive option, you can use the included 3' cable to anchor the safe to a stationary object.

The SnapSafe has a slide-out drawer for storage and accessibility, with Large and XXL size options giving you exterior dimensions of either 40" wide x 6" tall x 22" deep, or 48" wide x 7" tall x 24" deep (105 and 150 pounds respectively).

The SnapSafe has 2 means of access, a self-set 3- to 8-digit digital code, or a traditional key. And don't even try to get through the pry-resistant door you sticky-fingered ne'er-do-wells!

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