Panny Key Block

Posted: March 24, 2014
$14 - $19
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I've seen a Veruca Salt-sized Santa Claus sack of wallet and keychain "innovations" over the past few years, and while Panny may not turn the world on its head like the Coin card consolidator, it's definitely making a calculated play for a spot in my pocket. The small, compartmented Panny block stores keys in a tidy, non-jingly, non-scratching-my-touchscreen, non-digging-into-my-thigh way that I really hope pushes the project past its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal.

Panny creators Kobi and Tamir designed their key block to be:

  • Practical. Made of lightweight plastic and slim enough to slide in a pocket, Panny can house up to 4 keys in its designated slots, plus fobs or other accessories on its end tether. A detachable spring clip also enables securing Panny to a belt, pocket, or car visor. When one key is called on, it slides out smoothly for use without a wad of others hanging in the way.
  • Organized. Panny's 4 storage compartments pair keys with corresponding raised labels for quick touch identification of specific keys, even in the dark. During daylight hours, users obviously have the option of adding colored key covers, or cutting variously-hued keys, for instant recognition.
  • Universal. Panny is compatible with a with variety of small and large keys. Its internal design mechanism supports any from standard metal varieties to those with plastic handles.
  • Scratch-Free. The key block will not mar other items in a bag or purse, such as mobile phones and sunglasses.
  • Stylish. Though I'm not sure I'd call it a fashion accessory, Panny is definitely nice-looking and low-profile. Available color choices include black, blue, and pink.

Panny continues its Kickstarter run through April 5, 2014, with an anticipated backer delivery date of July 2014. If you'd like to be one of those backers, click here to pledge.

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