Nite Ize Mega Gear Ties

Posted: May 09, 2022
Nite Ize Mega Gear Ties
$16.31 - $19.89
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Available in 32" and 64" lengths, Nite Ize Mega Gear Ties look like the twist ties I use to keep my bread fresh got pushed through a portal into World 4 of Super Mario Bros. 3*. That is to say, they're huge!

The reusable ties are made of the same durable waterproof rubber exterior and bendy wire guts as Nite Ize's original ties, but with a 16.5mm diameter, and porn star spans, they are ready to take on your burliest wrapping, hauling, and organizing tasks. Once, twice, thrice, and many times more, according to Nite Ize.

*That's Giant Land for you kids out there.

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