Mr. Potbeard Bamboo Stash Box Kit

Posted: July 23, 2020
Mr. Potbeard Bamboo Stash Box Kit

Ready to roll? No? Perhaps it's because you don't have a Mr. Potbeard Bamboo Stash Box Kit yet. No grinder, no prep tray, no poking tool, no airtight storage containers and activated charcoal odor-absorbing sack to protect you from the ire of your wife. Or mama.

The Mr. Potbeard Kit, according to Mr. Potbeard, who might be smoked stupid and have no idea what he's talking about, comes packed in a sustainable bamboo storage box "designed to last you a lifetime!" If true, it's good news for weed enthusiasts, who on average partake in their favorite herb for that exact amount of time.

Mr. Potbeard's large Stash Kit box, pictured above, is about the size of a large paperback dictionary. Just like the ones Mr. Potbeard used to cut out to use as diversion safes. Inside it contains a stainless steel grinder, two airtight containers, the activated charcoal sack, a preparation tray, and a a bamboo poking tool.

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